little bunting

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  1. B

    Scottish Rarity 7th May 2019

    On Barra the Little Bunting is still showing well at Eoligarry on the path in front of the church this morning.
  2. B

    Scottish Rarity 6th May 2019

    On Barra there's a Little Bunting at Eoligarry church this afternoon. The bird is feeding on the path in front of the church and showing superbly. This morning there was a Redwing at Northbay. Good numbers of Whimbrel are still around the island including a flock of 59 at Allasdale.
  3. Hawkeye

    National Rarity 9th July 2018

    Outer Hebrides / Western Isles bird sightings for today, 9th July 2018. Updated throughout the day Hirta, St Kilda The female ***Snowy Owl*** was seen at An Campar this morning and was also noted yesterday evening (8th) at the same location. A **Little Bunting** was also seen there this...