Mega!!! 11th September 2017

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Eyes and Ears Everywhere
Feb 7, 2017
Eoligarry, Barra
The ****American Redstart**** was still present late evening. It is still to be found in the sycamore trees at the back of the Church, best viewed from behind the wall on south side of the churchyard.

Balgarva, South Uist
A juvenile ***Semipalmated Sandpiper*** was seen on the roadside pools at Balgarva this morning.

Grogarry, South Uist
35 Black-tailed Godwits present

Loch Fada Benbecula
A Green Sandpiper was there this afternoon.

Oban - Barra Ferry
A Leach's Petrel and 2 Sooty Shearwaters were seen at sea this afternoon (in the Argyll recording area)

AMRE.jpg DJdsPzdXUAAMEoT.jpg DJdgeyAW4AATUJ8.jpg
American Redstart, in better weather Semipalmated Sandpiper courtesy of Andy Williams & Bob McMillan


Always Birding
Feb 6, 2017
WeBs count at Loch Bee today because of the weather yesterday, but with high water levels making distant fields (not in the count area) more attractive, there were far fewer birds than usual. Those that were present were hunkered down in the stiff breeze making life even more difficult. Highest counts were Mute Swan (203), Lapwing (203) and Golden Plover (185). The only ducks on show were Mallard (37), Teal (4) and Shoveller (4).
South Ford was a little more exciting with a Semipalmated Sandpiper seen at Balgarva plus a lingering Green Sandpiper. There were also 65 Grey Plover by Hebridean Jewellery.
Elsewhere there were 8 Ruff in amongst the c200 Golden Plover at Torlum and 3 Knot at Stinky Bay.

Swans Loch Bee.jpg Knot.jpg
Mute Swan, Loch Bee, Knot Stinky Bay