Local Rarity 13th March 2018

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Eyes and Ears Everywhere
Feb 7, 2017
Outer Hebrides / Western Isles bird sightings for today, 13th March 2018

Tiumpan Head, Isle of Lewis
An adult *Ring-billed Gull*, juvenile Glaucous Gull and juvenile Iceland Gull were seen there this morning.

Loch an Tiumpan, Isle of lewis
A Drake *Ring-necked Duck* and a pair of Greater Scaup seen there today

Ness, Isle of Lewis
3 Snow Buntings were in the Skigersta area today.

Borve, Berneray
The Snow Goose and *Common Crane* are still still to be found on the island.

Baleshare, North Uist
The small Canada Goose was seen on there today.

Lochmaddy, North Uist
An adult Iceland Gull was in bay there

Malacleit, North Uist
150 Snow Buntings were present this afternoon.

Grenitote, North Uist
A Lesser Black-backed Gull was there today and a hybrid Cackling / Barnacle Goose was nearby at Sgiobanais

Balranald, North Uist
*Late news* - a Wheatear seen there yesterday afternoon

South Glendale, South Uist
The male Brambling and Siskin are still to be found in a garden there

DYLjb1KWkAAxe-S.jpg DYLjb1LX0AEsynp.jpg DYLjb1TW4AA7VnD.jpg
Iceland Gull, Snow Goose & Corn Bunting courtesy of Bob McMillan


Eyes and Ears Everywhere
Feb 7, 2017
News from Ian Ricketts:-
The Hawfinch is still at the football pitch at Castlebay. 2 Snow Buntings at Eliogarry and my first Wood Pigeon of 2018 at Sgallairigh


Senior Member
Feb 25, 2017
11 snow buntings were still at the airport on Barra today. At least 9 slavonian grebes were off Ardmhor ferry terminal and 2 juvenile Iceland gulls were still at Ardveenish. A peregrine gave astonishingly good views this afternoon as it fed on a hooded crow on the lawn of the garden that I work in. It seemed oblivious to the workmen who were laying pathways a few metres away.