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Eyes and Ears Everywhere
Feb 7, 2017
Western Isles / Outer Hebrides bird sightings for today, 6th November 2020. Updated throughout the day

Hirta, St Kilda
The ***Snowy Owl*** and two Black Redstarts were seen in village bay today. The remains of a racing pigeon which originated of Southern Ireland were also found recently

Port of Ness, Isle of Lewis
A ***Brown Shrike*** was seen there this afternoon

Sandwick, Isle of Lewis
A Greenland White-fronted Goose was seen there today

Gleann, Barra
The **Dusky Warbler*** was still present early afternoon as was a Siberian Chiffchaff. Another Siberian Chiffchaff was nearby atCastlebay

brown  shrike 1.jpg Brown shrike 2.jpg

Brown Shrike (C) and courtesy of Sam Elmer
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Feb 25, 2017
Not much time in the field today, but I managed a couple of brief views of the Dusky Warbler at Glen this afternoon. A Common Chiffchaff was at Creachan and what looks like another Siberian Chiffchaff was dead on the roadside at Brevig, presumably hit by a car.
DSCN9761 (3).JPG
Dusky Warbler.