Colour-ringed Brent Geese

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Feb 7, 2017
Of the 71 pale-bellied Brent Geese present at Rubh' Arnal, North Uist yesterday yellow/blue has now been joined by two with white rings on right leg and blue on left.


Reply from Graham McElwaine: 'these two are birds we ringed very late on (12 April) last spring in our first ever catch on Lough Foyle on the north coast.
With the way the database transfer is currently, I’m afraid that it is difficult for me to relate what the birds have been doing this winter. I did, however, have them personally passing through Strangford Lough together last autumn, on 01 October, and then again on 14 November.
The limited old database details are attached. Many thanks for the records – will be interesting to see how long they stay with you!!
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