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Heronries Census and Garden BirdWatch Reports


In the last week BTO published annual summaries of not one but two of their national surveys. Firstly the Garden BirdWatch annual results were released and are well worth a read.

BTO also published the Heronries Census Summary for 2020. Obviously the season was disrupted by Covid-19, but many volunteers managed to do an early visit before lockdown. Thanks go to everyone who managed to get out last spring!

Can we increase coverage of Heronries in Scotland in 2021? Have a look at this interactive map to find your nearest vacant site. Little Egret bred in Scotland for the first time in 2020 and their northwards colonisation looks set to continue...


Some vacant sites need surveying in the Uists (marked in orange on the map above) Go to this link for more info or to sign up https://app.bto.org/colonies/public/vacant-sites.jsp?dm_i=1L9X,7ANQN,RJY7K6,TLEPX,1 You can Zoom in on the Outer Hebrides :)