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Roger Auger

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I am still reocrding everynight at present na dit is fascinating but frustrating. I'm struggling with a fair few calls.

To help me sort them out in my head, I've posted a fair few on-line including a page of ten mystery calls. This link takes you there I hope.

Any help or comments appreciated.

There will be many of you out there far better than me at calls.



OH Bird Recorder
Hi Roger

Glad to hear you are still at it, my AudioMoth has not been out while it's been windy as I was getting a lot of "rustling plastic bag in the breeze" noise.

I had a quick look at your website and I would say number 1 is definitely Redshank just by looking at the sonogram. I'll have a look through the others too :) I wondered about Blackbird for number 4?

Roger Auger

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Thanks Yvonne.
I think #1 is firming up to Redhank. Not so sure about Blackbird for #4 but interested to see if there are other views.
Still fascinating but frustrating.
Pretty sure I had Little Grebe yesterday early. The link is here.