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Ringing and Recovery Totals for 2019


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The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) has just published (23-07-2020) a summary of the Outer Hebrides annual ringing and recoveries totals for 2019 which can be viewed by following the links below

Ringing Totals 2019

Recoveries 2019

An explanation of the terms used are provided at the beginning of each web page but are also provided here:-

Pulli are birds ringed in the nest, juveniles are those identified as being in their first calendar year, adults are all birds in their second or later calendar year. Some birds cannot be aged by plumage characteristics, these unaged birds are tabulated separately and are included in the totals for the year. A few birds (mostly scarcer raptors) ringed at confidential locations have been excluded from the individual county totals, but are included in the country totals.

The Grand Total column gives the number ringed in Britain and Ireland during the year. Species for which more than 15% of the total were ringed in this county are (if any) are highlighted in bold.

Recoveries are reports of birds found dead, or found alive away from the site of ringing. Retraps are reports of birds found alive, generally within 5km of the ringing site, but for Storm Petrel (20km), Mute Swan and Canada Goose (40km), common shore waders (30km), gulls (40km) and Sand Martin (10km) this threshold is greater.

Click on the swallow link icon at the end of each line for details of recoveries for that species.