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Patch Birding Yvonne's Patchwork Challenge 2021


OH Bird Recorder
So, how are the Outer Hebs doing in the Patchwork Challenge Islands league? Here is the league table up to and including birds added by 1st April. @Bruce romping ahead with both his patches ahead of all the other OH patches, but his Barra North patch is doing amazingly well with 127 points from 89 species. I just overtook Tristan but i'm pretty sure that won't last long. And @Bill Neill - you need to update your sightings as i'm pretty sure you are on more than 25 species just now :)

I guess @MisterT, Bill and I are really lucky that while we were under "stay at home" lockdown (that we were released from on the 24th March) we were able to just walk from home onto the patch and that the patch also covers our garden.



OH Bird Recorder
Always a good day when you add three to the patch list!

87. Gadwall - a male was on Loch Hallan
88. Whimbrel - up to 20 on Askernish machair and beach
89. Swallow - 3 along the dune edge along with the many Sand Martins



OH Bird Recorder
91. Marsh Harrier - over Loch Hallan early afternoon getting mobbed by everything in sight!
92. Brambling - ringed in the garden this afternoon.
93. House Martin - several around the house late evening.