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List of local rarity species that require a description

List of local rarity species that require a description 2023-01-01-v2

This document is a list of local rarity species that require submission of a description to be accepted into the county records.

A description is required for all species occurring for the first time in the Outer Hebrides - this applies to species that are not on the OHRC, SBRC or BBRC lists (an example being Magpie that was recorded for the first time in May 2015).

All records of OHRC species should be submitted as soon as possible after the sighting and not left until the end of each year.

OHRC reserve the right to seek additional details of other records deemed exceptional by virtue of, for example, date, location, or number.

An up to date list of Scottish rarities that require description is available from: The SOC website at: https://www.the-soc.org.uk/bird-recording/sbrc-list-past-lists

Changes March 2023 (but effective 1st January 2023):-
Removed from OHRC, now to be assessed by SBRC:

* Bee-eater

See Scottish Birds 43(1), p62-63
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